"What is the Holy Bible really about?"

A Heretic's Bible Study Guide helps readers evaluate the Holy Bible on its own merit.

"Can the Bible explain why atheists believe as they do?"

"Does the Bible prove - or disprove - God's existence?"

- Huge questions with a host of answers. People of all walks in all regions of the world advocate the Bible, but every reader takes something different from it.

For Christians, who are said to represent a 1/3 of the global population and 3/4 of all Americans, the Holy Bible has been a spiritual touchstone for 2000 years.

For secular humanists, the Bible is not a historical reference, but a fantasy fostered by tyrants to control people from within their own minds.

"Does the Bible suggest that God created sin - and why?"

"Does science allow for a kind of secular spirituality?"

A Heretic's Bible Study Guide is a small book that takes readers on a secular tour of the Bible's hot spots with some surprising vistas along the way. It is a quick 36,000 word journey that many people, especially many Christians, have never taken.

A Heretic's Bible Study Guide examines New and Old Testament verses - as written - to see if these scriptures justify, on their own merit, the reputation the Bible enjoys as a guidebook for spiritual redemption, salvation and enlightenment.

Whether you are a free-thinker, a skeptic, a curious believer, or if you have nagging questions about the nature of spirituality, A Heretic's Bible Study Guide provides an important perspective everyone should be exposed to.

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Atheist Republic - Cheri Clay - John S. - B. Doggett - Jay - L. Shaw - John Quincy - Bigot Vanquisher

Atheist Republic
, online secular forums
As religious demographics continue to change, A H Tique believes that Christians may actually benefit from understanding the atheist perspective slightly better. Todayís, Generation Y could easily outnumber religious populations not only in America but across the world. This will undoubtedly affect the relationship between the church and the state. Christianity must thus adopt ideas from secular humanists so it can further define the boundary between both institutions, if for nothing else, to stop other doctrines from assuming a bigger political role in the formulation of public policies in the 21st century.

Apart from exploring this idea, A Hereticís Bible Study Guide delves into an array of topics including the original sin, Godís law, Godís love and impetus for change. In an attempt to teach his readers something more about the Bible, Tique manages to build quite an interesting case against the Bible itself. The book may be a short read but it is definitely an in-depth study that allows its readers to examine verses from the New Testament and the Old Testament to see if the scriptures justify the reputation the Bible enjoys as a guidebook for salvation, enlightenment and spiritual redemption.

While the book does serve as a great resource for atheists and agnostics, devout Christians will probably fail to see sense against what they already believe in. Nevertheless, for readers in general, one is likely to find something new, every time he or she reads A Hereticís Bible Study Guide.

L. Shaw
"An intriguing expose of some of the more obtuse hypocrisies of Christianity, a yakuza-style assault on the bible-thumping finger."

Cheri Clay, Circleville, OH
"Taking us on a journey through the Bible, the author A.H. Tique covers such topics as the original sin, which goes in-depth into Genesis, the first book of the Bible. Second, we journey into God's law, which takes us into Exodus, the Ten Commandments, Leviticus, Numbers, and Job. The New Testament chapter which dives into Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, and Jesus even goes into John 3:16, which is about God's love. Lastly "Impetus for Change" is loaded with interesting facts and figures of today that makes for an interesting case against the Bible.

"Tique is a remarkable writer and has definitely done his homework to have researched this subject well. It's a short read and can be read in a day or two. But as an in-depth study, something new will appear each time you read the book. The mind can't comprehend so much information in one read, so this book is definitely a must read and read again. A great resource for agnostics and atheists, but I don't believe those who are truly Christian will buy into a change from what they already believe.

"A full in-depth review cannot explain all that is in this compact book. A reader must read for themselves with a Bible in one hand and "A Heretic's Bible Study Guide" in the other and come to their own conclusions. There is no doubt you will come away either believing in God or not, as there is no middle ground after reading this unique, concise book. Of course, there is room for debate on both sides, at least as a conversation starter. Whether you are a believer or not, this book is not to be overlooked as it is excellently written and makes a strong case for the heretic side."

John S.
"While promoting atheism, this book examines some of the Abrahamic scriptures (Bible, Koran) in a more or less forthright manner which religion today needs to come to terms with and still remain viable. It failed to make me atheistic but shows the need to recognize that these books were composed, not by an infallible God using a sacred word processor, but by fallible man."

B. Doggett
"I have been a Christian my entire life and this brief but provocative review has completely reshaped my thinking on the Bible."

Jay, The Atheist Factor
, Facebook commentator
I just finished reading 'A heretics bible study guide' and it is a short and to the point book. Well worth the almost $4 price tag and is not just for atheists. Agnostics and theists may also find very good information out of this well researched and documented book. Covers old and new testaments and some historical insights about the stories in the bible and how the bible evolved. Get one for yourself and for your theist family and friends. A great read.

L. Shaw
"An intriguing expose of some of the more obtuse hypocrisies of Christianity, a yakuza-style assault on the bible-thumping finger."

John J. Quincy
"This small book has a well researched and scholarly approach to Biblical inconsistencies that I personally found fascinating. I don't suppose the book will convince believers to become disbelievers in one reading; however, a thoughtful reading of the Bible with A Heretic's Bible Study Guide should enable the reader to see the Bible in its entirety. I completely recommend this book to any Christian or non-Christian wishing to confirm his own belief system or to challenge Biblical inconsistencies through knowledge and research. The book is quickly becoming one of my favorites to have on the shelf to not only read but to use in discussions with others."

Bigot Vanquisher
, Facebook Commentator
"The pleasantly short and to the point A Heretic's Bible Study Guide provides an overview of many of the main issues many atheists have with biblical scripture and its contradiction of both reality and morality. While Tique criticizes both the foundation and practice of Christianity, he also points to a few positive things that he feels have come out the Christian faith in some areas, such as art.

"Far from belligerent and very politically kind (perhaps too?), the little book is a solid critique of Christian faith. While I appreciate its accessibility and practicality on many levels, I personally took issue with the undertone of advocating for a 'spirituality' for everyone to share. While many atheists claim to believe that there is or must be 'something' going on outside of physical reality, I tend to disagree."